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How to organize ?

In this file you will find dozens of pages there to be downloaded free of charge to organize his family life, its accounts, his projects. The purpose being to simplify its everyday life on sometimes painful tasks to save time for his leisure activities or his family for example.

Home management advices

My small advice has for objective to make save time on the shopping and the washing. In the following ones, you will save up several hours a week to take advantage of it as you wish it.

Find here simple, delicious and fast recipes(receipts) to be made

Classified by type of recipes, you can print index cards easily according to your desires.

My creations

My unpretentious creations

Here is the result of my family organization (certainly quasi-military) but the advantage I have time to paint, to read, to sew, to have some good times in family, while working full-time with 2 childrens at home. If I arrive there, you can also make it and I don't neglect my sleep to manage to make everything.